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Big Time Gaming is an Australian casino software developer founded in 2011. The company is headquartered in Sydney.

I first noticed Big Time Gaming when many Twitch streamers and Youtubers talked and played BTG’s slot The Danger of High Voltage . My friend also seemed to really like this slot machine game. Dangerous high voltage has a reputation as a game in which you can win a lot of time.

Big Time Gaming slot Danger of high voltage

This is the hit site of Big Time Gaming: Danger High Voltage. It’s a mix of everything and the result is a bit crazy.

Big Time Gaming has also gained a lot of licenses to create slot games of famous TV shows and franchises. The selection has vending machines with names like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or Monopoly Megaways .

Big Time Gaming seems to have the ability to create hits in slot machine games. Find out more about BTG’s slot games!


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Game features for Big Time slot machines
Here are some features of the Big Time Gaming slot machine.

Megaways (TM) slots bring a huge number of different ways to win. If you want to know more about Megaways, scroll down to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, where this is explained in more detail.
Ostali Big Time Gaming Megaways slotovi su na primjer: Bonanza, Extra Chilli, Dragon Horn, Vikings Unleashed, Queen of Riches, Genie Jackpots, Temple Tumble, Diamond Mine i Irish Riches.
Some older slots work with Adobe Flash “technology” which is not the best in security and needs clumsy drivers to download. Avoid these places if they ask you to install Flash, prefer to choose another one.
In general, all games have excellent quality animations and graphics. Also most games have at least a decent soundtrack. The game mechanics in many BTG games are interesting with a lot of features in bonus games.
New Big Time Gaming Slots
Here are some of the latest Big Time Gaming machines.

1. Who wants to be a megavillage millionaire
Who wants to be a megavillage millionaire is a brand new slot machine released in late 2018 with the official theme of the famous TV quiz. The slot is basically a six reel with a unique Big Time Gaming Megaways structure.

Symbols are also reactive or collapse. This means that the paylines disappear and more symbols fall from the top of the reel. This can trigger multiple wins.

An additional reel adds a symbol to reels 2 – 5.

Who wants to be a slot for a millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire, a slot machine that is really true to the original TV show with great graphics, animations and of course – original themed music!

They explained Megaways by Big Time Gaming

An explanation of what Megaways (TM) means. You basically have to have the same symbol starting from left to right on adjacent reels. The position of the symbol on the reel is not important. This creates a lot of ways to win, more precisely 117 649 in this place. This number comes from 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117 649, as each reel can have up to 7 symbols on this slot.

Wild symbols replace all symbols except Scatter. Wilds are present only in the extra reel.

The Millionaire Scattered Symbol can appear in any of the six regular reels. If you get 3 Scatter symbols, you win 8 free spins and start Gambling free spins hot seats bonus game.

Each additional Scatter above 3 Scatters will move you to the Hot Seat Rewards rankings. The Free Spin Scatter symbol may appear in the extra reel during free spins.

If you get 3 or 4 skaters in the bonus round bonus game, you will get 4 or 8 extra free spins.

The Gambling Free Spins Hot Seats gives you the chance to win up to 50 free spins. The sweepstakes ladder has 12 steps. The values ​​are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30, 40 and 50 free spins, depending on the step.

Who wants to be a slot for a millionaire

This is what Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble looks like. You have to choose how high on the ladder you dare to go. Life lines automatically enter the show.

If you have a hot seat with 3 sprayers, you will start with step 1. If you have 4 sprayers, you will start with step 2 and so on.

Steps 2 and 7 are the safety net steps. Reaching these steps guarantees at least 10 or 20 free spins.

Departure Feature: Press Walk Away to start free spins without gambling. To gamble, select the answer from A, B, C or D and press Final Answer. Successful gambling moves you up the ladder of the prize ladder. You can’t get away from steps 2 and 7, because these are risk-free and safe gambling.

As in the real Who Wants to Be a TV Millionaire show that you have Life Lines too . They turn on automatically to make your choice easier.

During free spins there is an unlimited win multiplier that starts with 1 and increases by 1 after each win.

Who wants to be a bonus game on the Millionaire slot

This is a bonus game Who wants to become a millionaire. Each win will increase the win multiplier by 1, which is now x2 in the test game.

In conclusion, the place Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was a big surprise. The spirit of the TV show is perfectly captured in the groove and the only thing missing is a TV presenter. The music, graphics and animations are really high quality and well made.

The mechanics of the game are also interesting with the special Megaways of Big Time Gaming. And the bonus rounds are also valid for the original TV show with a climb up the ladder like on a real Hot Seat.

This is a great slot with no flaws in my opinion.

Published game: November 2018

RTP (return to player): 96.24%

Variance: High

Appearance: 6 x 7 + additional reel

Betting lines: 117 649 (megavezi)

The most popular slot machines for big games
Here are some of the most popular terms introduced for Big Time Gaming.

1. Danger of high voltage
Big Time Gaming The danger of high voltage is somewhat of a legend about slot machines. Many slot to play slots in Twitch or tubers in Youtube play this game a lot. The reason could be that Danger High Voltage has great variance and from this slot you can win extremely high winnings from a bonus game or wild wild wheels.

Dangerous high voltage slot Big Time Gaming

Playing the Danger High Voltage slot from Big Time Gaming.

The theme of the game is a bit vague to me. The name of the slot comes from the song Danger! High voltage from the band Electric Six.

( Watch the song here from Youtube if you want . Here’s some more information about the band from Wikipedia . The song is from 2003 and is a combination of garage, disco and punk rock. Funny song nonetheless!)

So a garage rock song is included in the slot. But there are also some symbols of Mexican-style slots with a bit of Day of the Dead style with ornate and colorful skulls. A tacos ?! And tattoos, disco ball symbols and disco lights ?!

And the High Voltage says there’s a little electricity and lightning somewhere. So I’m totally confused with the topic… but maybe that’s the key to the success of this place! No one knows what it’s all about, but it can bring you huge victories if you’re lucky. And it’s fun to play. Maybe that’s just enough for a great slot!

Here is something about the mechanics of automata. The wildfire is a wild symbol of full reels that replaces all symbols except Scatter.

The wild current is also a wild full roll symbol that works the same way, but all wins are multiplied by 6 for each Wild Electricity replacement in the win. If you get 2 wild electricity symbols, the multiplication happens twice and is x36. This is a pretty good feature.

Big Time Gaming slot Danger of high voltage

Here you can see two different Wild Reels: Wild Electricity on the left and Wild Fire on the right. Wild Electricity gives you x6 winnings for each substitution in the win. You can also get more x6 Wilds.

Both of these Wild symbols only appear on reels 2 through 5.

Three or more Scattered Symbols (Tattoo Symbols with the text My Desire) trigger the Bonus game . Also 2 Scatters and a bonus game will launch a themed slot song: Danger! High voltage. The bonus game allows you to choose between two features.

Choice 1 – High voltage free turns. This option gives you 15 free spins plus a full reel of High Voltage wilds that can pay up to x66 on adjacent wins. 15 free spins can be restarted with three or more skaters. Wild multiplies all salaries except Scatter.
Choice 2 – Doors of hell free spins. This bonus game brings you 7 free spins. A random symbol has been selected to become Sticky Wild for the duration of the bonus on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. The four Sticky Wilds in the reel award 3 additional free spins to a total of 19 free spins.
Bonus plays in dangerous high voltage.

Here are two choices of the Dangerous High Voltage Bonus Game.

In my tests you can really see that the variance of this slot is set to very high. Bonus games were really hard to get, but bonus games gave a lot when I hit them. The first bonus game ( High Voltage Free Spins ) gave a prize x144 times higher than my bet.

Bonus slot game Danger High Voltage.

Here is a Bonus game called High Voltage Free Spins with a spinning high voltage wild with multiplication up to x66.

Achieving the second bonus game took a while, but then I chose the Gates of Hell Free Spins . The overall win was x87 this time. I find the first bonus game (High Voltage Free Spins) a little more fun with a changeable wild reel that can pay up to an x66 payline.

Bonus slot game Danger High Voltage.

This is the second bonus game of Gates of Hell Free Spins. In this game, a random symbol is selected for Sticky Wild. Here I got 9 as Sticky Wilds, already 3 in the game.

After testing I now understand why the High Voltage Danger Slot is such a popular slot game. There are no best graphics, animations or sounds. It feels quite a mess of many mixed ideas and themes, but the whole package just works.

There is some mysterious charm or magic in Danger High Voltage. You can somehow feel the “danger” of big wins with really big deviations. If you don’t believe it, go and test yourself with real money or play money. Overall, I really liked this slot!

Published game: May 2017

RTP (back to player): 95.97% – 96.22%

Variance: Very high

Appearance: 6 x 4

Betting lines: 4096

2. Bonanza
Big Time Gaming Bonanza is a themed slot for gold rush with a Megaways slot feature like a millionaire slot.

The slot contains 6 reels that can have from 2 to 7 symbols. At the top is a bonus reel (Trolley) that adds symbols to reels 2 – 5.

Slot for Bonanza from Big Time Gaming.

This is a Bonanza slot with the theme of Big Time Gaming’s gold rush.

The Wild Symbol replaces every symbol except Scatter. Wilds are present only in the extra reel (upper stroller).

The Scattered symbols can appear in any of the reels. If you get four GOLD Scatters, you will get 12 free spins in the bonus game. Any additional Scatter adds 5 free spins to the bonus game.

Bonanza bonus game.

GOAL is not enough for a bonus game, you need D!

In the Bonus game , 3 Scatters will give you 5 extra free spins and 4 Scatters 10 extra free spins. Scatters only appear in the bonus round (the cart listed above).

Bonanza bonus game.

The Bonanza bonus game looks like this.

During the bonus game, after each win on the reels the multiplier increases by 1.

Bonus game Bonanza.

Each win in the bonus game will increase the multiplier, here x3.

In conclusion, Bonanza was a pretty interesting slot machine game with a cool Megaways reel structure. The bonus game was pretty basic with just free spins and an increasing multiplier, but that too was ok. The bonus game was very difficult to get this time, which can be related to the large variance of the place.

Graphics and animations are at a very high level as on all Big Time Gaming slots. Country-style music started to get a little annoying at the end of testing, but maybe it’s a matter of taste. Bonanza is a really cool place worth trying.

Published game: December 2016

RTP (return to player): 95.98%

Variance: High

Appearance: 6 x 7 + additional reel

Betting lines: 117 649 (megavezi)

3. Extra chili
Extra Chili is a Mexican themed chilli-slot game founded in April 2018. The graphics are very colorful and the background music cheerful Mexican Mariachi rich in music rich in trumpet.

This game also features the famous Big Time Gaming Megaways mechanics game with 117,649 betways. So, on each reel there are 6 reels with 2 – 7 symbols. In addition, there is a bonus reel under reel 2 – 5.

Extra Chilli slot for BIg Time Gaming.

This is an additional Chilli slot game for Big Time Gaming. With the Scatter symbol HOT you can start the Bonus game with free spins.

The symbol structure “collapses”, which means that after each victory, the winning symbols disappear and more symbols will fall out of the above. This can trigger multiple wins in reels.

Wild Symbols Replace all symbols except Scatters and Feature Drop symbols. Wilds are present only in the extra reel below reels 2 – 5.

If you get 3 VROLA sprayers in any position you will activate 8 free spins. Any additional Scatter symbol will add an additional 4 free spins.

In the Bonus game you will be redirected to Free Spins Gambling . In this feature you have the opportunity to win up to 24 free spins. You can choose to collect or gamble.

Extra Chilli bonus slot game.

In the Bonus game you can gamble for more free spins. This is the first round: you can collect 8 free spins. Or you can gamble for 12 or zero free spins. Mathematically the best long-term choice is always to collect 8 free spins. But this is gambling, so I totally understand if you try to hunt 24 free spins!

Extra Chilli bonus slot game.

Here I managed to score a maximum of 24 free spins in the Gamble bonus game. Not recommended! In the long run it is always best to stick to 8 free spins in this slot game.

If you collect, the free spins will start immediately. If you gamble, your spinning turns. Successful gambling will give you 4 additional free spins. Unsuccessful gambling rewards the number of free spins shown in black. If the number is black, the feature ends.

In the Free Spins Bonus game there is an unlimited multiplier that starts with 1 and increases after each win on the reels.

Extra Chilli bonus slot game.

The bonus game multiplier is truly limitless! Here I managed to get an x19 multiplier in my testing.

The Free Spin Scatter symbol can appear in an additional reel and trigger multiple free spins. With 3 skaters you will get 4 additional free spins, and with 4 skaters 8 additional free spins.

With Feature you can buy bonus games that start right away. The price of the bonus game is 50 times higher than the bet. It is a small feature if you get BTG (Big Time Gaming) symbols. It will reduce the Feature Drop award with small steps.

In conclusion Extra Chili is a really fun slot game with a happy atmosphere. The percentage of RTP (Return to Player) is also quite high with 96.82%, which is always a good thing for players.

Published game: April 2018

RTP (return to player): 96.82%

Variance: High

Appearance: 6 x 7 + additional reel

Betting lines: 117 649 (megavezi)

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Reviews of Big Time Gaming Slots
Here is a summary of user ratings of Big Time Gaming slot machines:

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Big Time Gaming game provider website for some slot data

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