Sales and Marketing


Sales and Marketing

Sales are basically activities associated with the exchange of goods or services for a particular monetary value. Some of the activities in sales may be carried out on the spot, while others may require some time to be completed. The exchange of a product for another product at no additional charge is called a sales transaction. There are various types of sales such as retail sales, wholesale sales, and business sales. Sales people can also work as representatives of the sales organization in selling a product to a customer, or they can sell directly to the clients. There is also a mixed sales where there are both direct and indirect salespeople involved.

In sales, the salesperson acts as a representative of the company selling the product and the prospect. It is up to the salesperson to convince the prospect that buying the product he is selling is the best option available to the buyer. The term used to describe a salesperson is a salesman. A salesman is usually paid based on the amount of sales he makes. The term salesman can also be used when referring to an account manager who is responsible for sales and the accounts receivable process.

Sales jobs are available in all types of industries including new product sales, contract sales, lead generation, electronic products sales, healthcare sales, packaged sales, private label rights sales, media sales, and government sales. Sales people can work independently or be employed by an agency. In an agency sales job, salespeople may be employed by a single manufacturer or distributor, or they may work for several manufacturers distributing their products through multiple distributors. Many companies employ salespeople under a sales manager to coordinate the sales force and to ensure quality of products sold to their clients.

Marketing is one of the two business functions defined as a primary activity of a company. Marketing is a process of discovering, understanding, predicting, and satisfying customer requirements. A key element in marketing is research and analysis of potential customers. The ability to satisfy potential customers involves developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes knowing who your target market is, how to best reach to them, what would keep them interested, and what price point is right for your product or service. This research and analysis requires the skills of a qualified marketer as well as a business analyst with knowledge and experience in advertising and the purchasing of products.

Sales and marketing professionals can develop close relationship with clients and their key customers. They can help develop new product lines, introduce new marketing strategies, and implement proven sales methods in order to increase sales and profit margins. To increase the profitability of sales, companies use both conventional and nontraditional sales methods in order to increase client satisfaction, enhance sales, and build loyalty in the customers. Sales professionals work to understand and meet the needs of the target customer, and then determine how the product or service provided meets these needs.

The growth and development of the internet has resulted in the rise of many business-to-business (B2B) websites. Internet marketing and sales have become a vital component of general business processes. Top companies in the sales and marketing field utilize B2B sites to connect with potential and current clients. In addition, many businesses have found that hiring B2B sales professionals can increase company sales and profits.