Marketing Myopia

Marketing is the use of communications media to promote products and services of an enterprise. It is the mechanism for communicating with potential clients and customers and establishing a relationship with them. It involves the development of awareness, interest, and knowledge of the target customer about the offerings of an enterprise. The objective of marketing is to raise the total sales of the enterprise by developing a consistent and intense connection with the end users. Marketing is an integrated process of research, planning, management, advertising, and selling.


Marketing is an interactive process that involves the development of specific communication strategies based on knowledge and understanding of the customers needs and desires. Marketing is an agency activity that has evolved as the result of accumulation of various experiences and behaviors over the years. Marketing is also the process of deliberately stimulating interest, demand for, and purchases of products and services; potentially incorporating variety of a targeted consumer audience; identification of certain characteristics or themes to represent the organization and its values; and development of coordinated marketing programs. In a very real sense, marketing is the science of knowing how to sell.

The process of marketing has two components: marketing theory and marketing practice. Marketing theory is what most people have heard of as the field of study known as market research. Market research is often conducted to obtain information about the buying behavior of the target consumer. Market research is not limited to surveying purchases made by the buying public. This includes the use of focus groups, consumer surveys, and interviews with selected individuals. These techniques are applied in order to understand and then capitalize on the buying behaviors that are likely to be productive in marketing.

Marketing practitioners have developed and refined a number of marketing concepts over time. One such concept is that there are multiple ways to sell a product. A different concept is that marketing can be used to introduce a new product concept into the marketplace. Still yet another concept is that marketing can be used to create a change in consumers’ purchasing preferences or buying decisions.

Sales training consultants have long argued that selling has become too much of a business activity. This perceived shift from the selling function to a customer-centric function has reduced the effectiveness of marketing. The decreased sales resulting from this trend have led to the increased reliance upon non-traditional methods for marketing. One such method is the use of television advertising. Television advertising, while a relatively recent invention, has helped to raise awareness about a product concept to a greater degree than had been possible using other traditional marketing approaches.

Another strategy used for marketing research is the establishment of a testing facility. The testing facility is used to determine if a new concept has market viability prior to making a full scale deployment of that concept into the marketplace. By employing various methods of market research and developing a robust concept description, a marketing team can better define the goals of the product it is selling.