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BBNAIJA: Could Biggie Have Paid Seyi And Tacha To Switch Characters? Fan Theories Reveal New Twist

It is true that people communicate more with their body language. This is why we might say something and our body language might refute what we said. Something has been noticed about Seyi since he returned. He has been unusually quiet withdrawn and quiet, keeping mostly to himself. Even his housemates noticed his new personality as it didn’t feel real.

Conspiracy theories have surrounded the grand homecoming of Bbnaija housemates, Seyi and Tacha, back into the into the Pepper Dem House to the shock and disappointment of the others. The duo, who were fake-evicted and brought by Biggie are now big threats to other housemates. Since they returned to Biggie’s House, the Housemates sixth senses’ have become heightened as they’ve both been acting strange.


According to Mercy, “I sense trouble coming”. Frodd revealed that he sensed Seyi felt betrayed by the other Housemates and he isn’t hiding it. While Gedoni saw Seyi as nonchalant since he returned, Mike observed that he hasn’t smiled much. They also agreed that they might have flipped roles with Tacha becoming more cheerful and friendly. Gedoni also thought that their true

Several theories are being cooked up on why Seyi has been moody. For one, some people think Biggie paid both of them to switch personalities. Which might be why he is so withdrawn and offish like old Tacha while Tacha has been more open and friendly. It could be Biggie’s strategy to cook up some drama in the house as fans of the show have been complaining about it being boring.

Another theory is that Seyi probably feels betrayed after being in the secret room for three days and hearing what the other housemates said and felt about him. Who could blame him? After all, he’s human.

Fans were not left out of the conspiracies as they tried to understand the new Seyi. Here are some comments gathered:

“Now I see why sugar daddy has been gentle and off a little bit… He doesn’t want to feel too special cos of the way the HMs welcome him yesterday and that might cos some hatred… I Stan Seyi.”

Has Seyi turned deaf and dumb ni, cos we no understand this new strategy ooo.”

Biggie took Shuga Daddy to his prison wey he call secret room only for Seyi to come back ill and inactive. Seyi that didn’t do any wrong in the house, he doesn’t deserve such treatment oooo.”

“Nobody in the house gossiped him I wonder what happened in the secret room Remember we didn’t watch it 24/7. Tacha came out all changed, Seyi came out cold. Only God knows what he witnessed.”

“Who else noticed Seyi been silent since he got back into the house? Reasons why it’s not good to know how bad people feel towards you.

“Big brother look what you’ve turned our Seyi into. He feels betrayed. His body language says it all.

“Tacha must have sapped the life of out of Seyi , Bobo is no longer himself.”

Could this be a strategy by the ‘returnees’ to throw the House off balance? The spicy twists and turns are about to begin. Guys, are you prepared?

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