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Bbnaija: Frodd Rescues To Victory

Frodd Rescues To Victory

As the fastest Housemate to finish the fire service challenge, Frodd emerged winner of the Arena Games.

With a whopping 2 million naira up for grabs, it was a fight to the finish as the Pepper Dem Gang dashed for the win at the fire service designed Friday Arena Games.

The Truck Travel

The challenge which was divided into three stages saw the Housemates push a mini fire truck from one part of the field to another and make the accompany siren sound without lifting the truck off the ground. After solving the envelope puzzle, the truck was returned to the fire station.

The Rescue

The Rescue

The three phases included knocking the fire cups off the table with a water pump, picking up the lost cat from the tree trunk and returning it into the cat carrier. The final challenge was solving a word puzzle.

The First Attempt

Khafi was the first Housemate to step into the fire service officer’s shoes. In a Game of time and accuracy, she tried her best to navigate each step within the given pace. The time given was five minutes and if she had done it wrong or not finished on time, she deserved a penalty. Though she had a problem with the first phase of the challenge spending much time there, she still managed to finish in one minute 35 seconds.

The Rescue

The Penalty

For some reasons, some of the Housemates broke the rules. Trust Biggie, each person got additional times to their finishing time. What this meant was that if you had only completed the Task the fastest but got the puzzle wrong, you got extra times. While all other Housemates got penalized with 30 seconds, Mercy got two minutes 30 seconds and Tacha and Diane got 1 minute each.

A Sweet Win

Though nobody got the puzzle right, Frodd stood out as the fastest Housemate to finish the challenge even after the extra 30 seconds was added. For this reason, he was declared the winner of the Bet9ja Arena Games.

A Twist

Just when Frodd was already expecting to receive his 400 Bet9ja Coins, Biggie struck with a twist – no Bet9ja Coins reward for the winner tonight! As expected, the look on Frodd’s face showed he wasn’t happy with the judgement. But what could he do? Biggie knows best.

Reward or not, Frodd has shown his determination for a win and has done well with this one. Congratulations man! We hope he keeps up with the win

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