White Hat SEO For Higher Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure of improving the quantity and quality of site traffic to a particular website or a blog from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. SEO aims at unpaid web traffic and not direct traffic from sponsored links. The process of SEO incorporates several strategies to improve the rankings of websites in search results pages for specific keywords. This can be done by improving the content of the site, including the design, contents, internal linking structure and other processes.


Organic SEO is also referred as natural SEO. Natural SEO comprises all the SEO techniques which are carried out naturally by the Internet itself. It therefore includes content generation such as blogs, directories, news letters, press releases, forum posts, directory submission, article submission, blog commenting and backlinks. Organic SEO helps to increase the number of unique visitors, which translates into increased revenue.

On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an artificial method used to boost the rankings of websites in the ranking pages of search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Organic SEO helps in maximizing the chances of obtaining a high ranking in the search engine results pages by optimizing the content of the web pages. Various optimization techniques like keyword density, Meta tags, content marketing and other link building methods are used for this purpose. However, SEO is not a sure shot process and it requires frequent monitoring of the website for visible improvement. Regular monitoring helps in maintaining the rankings, which in turn helps in increasing the revenues.

Social media, bookmarking and other user-based bookmarking also form an important part of SEO and hence form a part of organic SEO. Social media help improve the visibility of a particular website by creating social buzz about it. Social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and others to help improve the user experience by providing useful information about the websites.

Search Engine Optimization also provides traffic from other websites to the main site. The main task of SEO is to obtain high rankings by using appropriate keywords in the content. It also requires regular updating of content, blogs and backlinks. Some of the latest trends in SEO include the inclusion of videos to increase traffic and visibility of the site. Video seos help in generating higher revenue because they have a high conversion rate and are easy to follow. Inbound links are another key component of SEO that helps in improving the rankings.

On the whole, white hat seo practices like directory submission, content writing, link building, blogging, and other methods to help improve the quality of the web site. However, these practices have been seen to yield better results in the earlier years. These practices have therefore come to stay, and the popularity of SEO has seen to grow over the years. Search engines prefer to include a site’s content and backlinks in their rankings. This is because the content and backlinks help them provide better user experience to users when they access the site and also help ensure that the site remains well maintained and developed.