Understanding the Social Concept of Marketing Management

In any business environment, the primary purpose is to attract buyers and to persuade them to make a purchase. Marketing is used to promote products, gather customer information, raise awareness of a brand or organisation and encourage consumers to buy. Marketing is a very broad term and covers many diverse areas of influence. The marketing space includes advertising, market research, customer attraction, promotion, sales and product positioning. The marketing function of an organisation is determined by the needs of the customers.


Marketing is influenced by several factors. One of the most important influencing factors is that of the product or service itself. This is why organised marketing is so important to make products and services user friendly for customers’ needs. Organised marketing involves customer satisfaction, creating awareness, creating loyalty, position positioning, and getting the most out of marketing budgets.

Customer relationship marketing research is one of the most important marketing activities that can help create long-term customer loyalty. The marketing research should focus on the following areas; identify customer needs, identifying features of good quality, providing solutions to specific needs, developing a competitive edge, creating value for money and getting the most from advertising dollars. The customer relationship marketing research also involves the following areas; product positioning, direct mail, telesales, and promotions and public relations. These activities can be segmented according to the customers needs and interests. For example, if children are the main concern of the parent company, marketing activities focusing on this group can be focused upon.

Influencer marketing is also a vital marketing activity when dealing with consumers. The word ‘influencer’ simply means someone who is influential. This could be anyone from a celebrity to a local sports star, a political figure to a movie director. Influencer marketing research helps to understand who the best marketers are, who are being listened to, who is buying the products, and what makes them buy. By using expert market research, an expert can better understand where their marketing efforts need to focus.

Selling concept is another marketing concept that has changed dramatically over the last few years. Selling concepts have traditionally been centered around creating a product or service to solve a problem for the customer. Nowadays selling concepts are more sales oriented. A simple example is that instead of selling a particular service or product to the consumer, a marketing company may focus their marketing efforts on selling to others. The concept of selling to others is called ‘non-traditional marketing’.

The concept of selling and marketing combines two previously separate marketing concepts to form one comprehensive concept. Selling has traditionally focused on solving customer needs through the creation of a product or service. Nowadays selling focuses on the social marketing elements such as gaining influence, creating consumer awareness, and creating and promoting new markets. Marketing management continues to evolve with the changes taking place in society.