Marketing Research in Integrated Marketing Communications


Marketing Research in Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. With the proper marketing strategy, a business can reach its full potential by promoting its products and services to customers in an efficient and effective manner. As marketing has become one of the most critical components of business today, most companies have their own marketing department. In fact, there are more companies that hire marketing consultants than those that actually have a marketing department.

For the sake of clarification, marketing does not only refer to what organizations do during operation. Marketing also pertains to the process that an organization undertakes in order to engage its targeted consumer base, build brand loyalty, create value for the company in exchange for monetary value spent, and create opportunities for consumers to purchase items or services. Marketing is a broad concept that covers a number of different activities aimed at improving a company’s reputation, increasing sales, increasing market share, and capturing a firm’s niche. Although some businesses tend to specialize in particular marketing functions such as print advertisements, radio advertising, and TV advertising, the concept of marketing itself can be applied to nearly any type of marketing medium.

This broad marketing concept is what is often referred to as a “clean marketing concept.” In other words, this overall marketing concept supports a number of different strategies aimed at improving customer satisfaction. It is not uncommon to find elements of this overall concept mixed into each specific marketing function or on a grand scale. For instance, a print advertisement may employ elements of advertising, such as copywriting, layout, graphics, and photo editing. However, these elements would not be complete without the overall goal of satisfying consumers, which is represented in the advertising message itself.

There are many examples of marketing concepts that fall under the larger umbrella of the clean marketing concept. One example is societal marketing, which encompasses everything from television commercials to the distribution of brochures through community awareness campaigns. Another example would be strategic marketing, which would include the use of various marketing management tools, such as survey packages, web search engine marketing, and magazine advertising. Finally, the concept of integrated marketing execution is most often associated with the concept of EO marketing, which stand for advertising and experience marketing, and which generally includes everything from magazine advertisements to cross-marketing efforts on a national level.

The basic concept of marketing, as stated above, is to reach out to consumers and convince them to make a purchase of a product or service. Marketers do this by creating a sense of social and emotional attachment to the product or service being offered. Marketers call this concept “word of mouth” marketing. One of the most successful and oft used ways to form word of mouth connections is through advertising. Many marketers have adopted this concept to build a steady stream of consumers by using various marketing tools that appeal to different segments of society.

It should be noted that integrated marketing communications encompasses a wide range of marketing research and techniques that are used to promote products and services. For example, marketing research may be conducted in order to find out what types of advertisements are appealing to the target audience. This type of marketing research may be used to test the effectiveness of a product or service, the cost of a product or service, the appeal of a product or service to particular demographics, or the success of a particular marketing campaign. Market research is only one aspect of the integrated marketing communications process, and it is important for marketers to remember that the marketing research is only one step in the entire process. Ultimately, the ability to identify the appropriate strategies and the most effective combinations of strategies is key.