Sales Training

Sales are the activities associated with the exchange of products or services for a specified price at any specified point of time. In addition, sales include the provision of a valuable service for a certain fee. Sales people work on a personal level to close a sale and make the customer happy. These people can work for product manufacturers, companies and sales organizations. There are many kinds of sales, such as business sales, contract sales, capital gain sales, discretionary sales, and all these sales require different techniques, strategies and skills.


Business sales refer to the gross sales in the process of buying a product from the manufacturer or dealer. This includes the price of the product, shipping charges, taxes, etc., when a business purchases goods from other businesses. Net sales refer to the total gross sales less the expenses for the transaction, less any amount for profit. Both business and net sales refer to the gross sales of the company in one transaction.

A sales person is a person who have the ability to sell products, but it is not necessary that the sales person is trained in sales. In most cases, the person sales represents the manufacturer or dealer, has been certified by a professional organization, and carries a valid license issued by the appropriate state government. The sales person works within the boundaries of the company and does not conduct business affairs on his own. The role of the salesperson includes advising the buyer of the product, collecting information, preparing the proposal, and presenting the proposal to the buyer.

Marketing managers are responsible for the management of the entire sales process. Marketing is the process by which the seller describes the features and benefits of the product to the buyer. It includes research and development, product development, advertising and distribution, and sales and service activities. The marketing manager plans and initiates the sales process. He prepares the marketing strategy, develops the product, and conducts surveys to determine the needs of the customers.

The role of marketing manager is usually involved in the process of selling the product, determining the price, analyzing the customer’s buying decision, setting up the sales procedure, and closing the sales. The marketing manager plans the marketing strategy, collects data on the selling processes, and creates advertising campaigns. He develops the marketing plan, collects data on the selling processes, and creates advertising campaigns. A marketing manager plans the sales procedures, makes recommendations concerning pricing, and conducts surveys to determine the needs of the buyers.

A salesman represents the company by selling the products to the buyer. Sales are performed by the salesman in consultation with the owner of the product, the salesperson, or a third person such as a buyer, an accountant, or a tax practitioner. The salesman sells the product by convincing the buyer of the product’s benefits. Sales are successful when the buyer purchases the product.