Sales Techniques To Sell Your Product Or Service Better

Sales are the activities associated with the exchange of products or services for a price. The sale of a product or service for a particular price is considered sales. Sales people are involved in all types of sales activities for business concerns such as retail, office, wholesale, specialty stores, and so on. In this competitive world, the role of sales people in today’s society is much important than before. The reason for this is that, sales have become the lifeblood of business concerns. Therefore, the sales man has become the glue of the business concerns.


Marketing has also become an essential part of sales activities. A firm with no marketing is bound to fail and that is why all firms need to have some type of marketing. There are two types of marketing; direct marketing and advertising. Advertising is used to let the buyers know of the existence of any specific products or services offered by a firm and selling products or services via marketing helps the firm achieve its sales target.

As mentioned earlier, the sales process is the backbone of all business concerns. Sales people carry out the sales process by ensuring that the buyer of the product or service pays for the item bought. There are three main stages in the sales process. The first stage is that of pre-selling or the research work. During this stage, the sales man researches for the right buyer of the product or service, collect the necessary information, check out the market trend and determine the price, etc.

After the research is complete, the sales person carries out the sales process by contacting the prospective buyers and convincing them for purchasing the product or service. The process of inside sales is different from that of the outside sales. During inside sales, a sales person meets the prospect directly and gets the prospect’s permission to contact him/her. This means that a salesperson cannot contact a prospect even after getting his/her permission.

There are many and internet marketing tools used by companies for their sales and profit generation. There are many companies which employ aggressive selling techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, and pay per click (PPC) advertisements etc. These techniques are used by companies for reaching out to potential customers and also increase the sales and profit margin. Many companies also use pay per lead (PPI) schemes for generating leads. This is a paid form of advertising, in which companies pay the contact details of the potential customers for generating leads.

Another important tool used by companies for increasing their sales and profits is cold calling. A sales person makes warm calls to the potential buyer and asks questions related to the product or service sold by the buyer. Once the answers are received from the buyer and the person collecting the data receives a call from the selling company, the person selling starts his/her sales pitch. This is one of the most cost effective and efficient selling techniques. But, it has to be done with care because if not done properly, it may end up in making a negative impact on the sales and profits of the company.