Face-to Face Connectivity Is Essential in Any Company Effort

Sales are the productive activities associated with the exchange of products or services for a price. There are various types of sales activities and each one exhibits a distinct characteristic. For example, sales related to the supply of a product or service and sales related to the sale of a product or service are two completely different concepts. In addition, it is important to understand that sales are not the same as transaction sales.


Marketing is not included in the definition of sales because the two functions are often performed by different individuals or teams in the same company. However, when a company adopts a integrated sales process, it allows for both marketing and sales functions to be combined under one overall corporate leadership structure. The sales process is responsible for identifying the products or services that are offered and for developing a comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing departments, on the other hand, will use their sales planning process to identify the potential of each product or service and will develop a strategy to maximize the company’s potentials.

Developing strong overall sales strategies will require coordination from both the marketing and selling departments. Sometimes, the two will engage in activities together, especially when a company adopts an integrated approach. These activities often include the use of the internet, social media marketing, and online advertising and marketing strategies. Internet marketing allows companies to reach target consumers or specific communities. Social media marketing can help establish brand recognition or generate buzz around new products or services.

A successful integrated sales plan recognizes that there are two business functions involved when selling a product or service: selling to the public and marketing to the public. Both functions must be managed in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, a successful marketing strategy will be contingent upon the performance of the public relations and advertising department. The marketing team will assist in building the company’s reputation in the marketplace while the sales team will pursue the sale of the product or service.

In order for the sales strategy to be effective, both functions must be well aligned with one another. The marketing team should ensure that their efforts are consistent with the sales strategy. When selling to prospects, it is important for the sales strategy to match the selling objectives of the company with the prospect’s buying goals. This will allow the prospect to see the product or service as a solution to his or her problem. Once the prospect purchases the product or service, the marketing team can begin working to close the sale and capture the customer’s financial data.

Developing an integrated sales strategy is not an easy task. However, by paying attention to all of the various components that constitute the sales strategy, a company can create a system that will ensure the success of each part. The development of an effective sales strategy will depend on developing strong relationships with key prospects, generating leads, closing deals, and attracting the best sales channel partners. When these components work in conjunction, it is possible to create a face-to-face connection with every prospect and convert every visitor into a lead.