Sales Training – Enhancing the Skills and Performance

Sales are basically activities associated with the exchange of products or services for a certain defined price over a definite period of time. It is one of the most important aspects of any business transaction and there are different types of sales activities that take place in various transactions. There is also a term’sales job’ that has come up in recent times. So, let us discuss about sales and the basic things one should know about it.


In any sales process, there is a need to ask the right questions to make the right impression to the customer. Without any doubts, this can be the most crucial part of any sales activity. The determination of the price at which the product should be sold and the manner in which the communication should take place should be determined by the seller or the buyer, according to the requirements of the situation.

There are several different types of sales cycles that take place and each of them has their own way of determining the right questions to ask the buyer. It could be the closed or open sales cycle. The difference between the two is that in the closed cycle, there is no opportunity for the prospective buyer to make any inquiry. Once the deal is closed, the buyer is stuck and cannot go ahead and look around. Whereas in the open cycle, it is entirely possible for the buyer to question the salesperson or the seller as regards the deal.

There are many reasons why salespeople are required. They include promoting the firm to the external sales market, identifying the market potential, closing the deal, educating the prospective client, training the sales team, implementing quality control, attracting the sales team, and many more. These activities help the firm to achieve their sales targets. There are some sales representatives who work on their own, while there are others who are assigned to work for firms, consultancies and other external organizations. Whatever may be the case, it is essential that the salesperson not only get the job done, but excel in his or her performance.

Some sales representatives take up additional responsibilities such as client servicing and business development. Clients look for these services as these are essential to the smooth functioning of the business. The salesperson needs to be well versed with the latest technological trends and methods in order to understand the requirement properly.

Sales people should constantly make efforts to make sales with new and interesting products. In order to increase sales, they need to be competent with handling the sales process effectively. There are various sales techniques that can be used by the salespeople, including the challenge sale method and the sales funnel method. There is a lot that a salesperson needs to learn regarding sales. To be a good salesperson, one must be willing to learn from others and adopt new techniques so as to make sales with increased profitability.