What Is the Importance of SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of enhancing the volume and quality of site traffic for a particular web page or a site in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc. This increases the chances of the particular web page or site getting a high search engine placement. Most of the businesses and sites are aware of the fact that they need to take help of Internet for promoting their products and services. But few of them understand the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.


It is one of the most important factors which decides the ranking of any page on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The importance of SEO lies in two aspects. The first aspect deals with the theme of the page. This means that the page will need to relate to the theme of website that it is promoting. SEO mainly targets free traffic as well as paid traffic.

The second important aspect is the content of the page. In simple terms SEO means “Search Engine friendly” or “Organic Web Content”. Organic content refers to the web pages that are completely relevant to the topic, and not dependent upon the visitor’s prior knowledge. The objective behind the promotion of any web site or business is to enhance the website’s chances of getting a high search engine ranking and thus increase the traffic, conversions and sales. Thus the importance of SEO cannot be ruled out.

A lot of people do not understand the fact that content plays a vital role in SEO process. Content enables web developers as well as website owners to create pages which search engines will love. SEO is all about keywords. These keywords are nothing but a string of words or a set of words that web developers use to optimize the web pages by adding as many keywords as possible. For example: if you are promoting the product ” Adidas”, then all you need to do is include the keyword ” Adidas’ somewhere on the page that you want to promote – the rest is all software and the rest is SEO.

You can also include other relevant keywords on your web pages – just ensure that the web site has them. You can also include links on your web pages to external web sites. This gives the impression that your web site is high in quality. The number of relevant backlinks (otherwise known as “backlinks”) to your web site indicates the popularity of the web site. The more the number of backlinks to your web site indicates the popularity of your web site. Thus the importance of SEO is not at all debatable.

The importance of SEO lies in the fact that it helps search engines to identify your web site and place it on the top rankings of the search results. A higher position in the search engine rankings means more visitors and more sales. It is true that without SEO your web site may never get any traffic, but it is important to remember that it is not the fault of SEO alone. It is important to note that you will still need to make the necessary adjustments to your site, after all it is still a part of your marketing campaign. Remember that your SEO campaign is like a chain, if one link is broken the whole chain is affected.