What Is The i.e Strategy?

Sales are activities pertaining to the quantity or sale of products at a certain targeted point of time. The sale of a product by a seller to a buyer is considered a sale. In business, sales and promotions are a vital part. There are different types of sales such as retail sales, services sales, digital sales, electronic sales, and more.


The gross sales refers to the total value of the sales transaction including the net sales or value of the transaction after expenses have been taken into consideration. The net sales refer to the value of sales less any charges for the transaction made by the buyer. For example, if a business has a retail store and wants to make new purchases, it can take a total of $100 from the total amount of purchases made by the customers in the previous six months. This is called gross sales. After taking the expenses, the profit will be subtracted leaving the profit to be reported as profit.

Professional Selling: This refers to any form of sales activity in which the seller provides the services or products to the buyer. These include sales made directly by the seller to the buyer and sales made by a third party to sell the products or services of the seller to the buyer. Professional selling includes field sales, consultancy sales, and sales by organisations such as charities, schools and hospitals. Professional selling is a great revenue stream as professionals get commission for sales they have made.

Term Sales: This refers to any form of sale transaction that lasts a specific period of time such as a week, month or year. This term is also known as fixed term sales. For example a business may enter into a month-to-month contract with a customer wherein the payment is made every month for a specified period of time. A person who purchases a product bought in this manner is said to have made a term sale.

Championing and Detaining Customers: The champion or lender is the first line of support and service offered to a potential customer by a lender. This includes both direct and indirect channels of communication. As such, a champion is responsible for ensuring that the right questions are asked by a potential customer as well as doing the follow up necessary to ensure a long-term solution for the customer. A lender is willing to invest in both a long-term and short-term solution for its customers. A lender is willing to take a risk by investing in either a short-term solution selling plan or a long-term solution selling plan depending on how well the business performs over time.

In a nutshell, the i.e strategy is about creating and nurturing long-term value chains. i.e strategies translate into sales. Sales are directly associated with profit because the more sales a salesperson closes, the larger the amount of money they earn. Therefore, i.e strategies are mutually beneficial to both the company and the salesman. This type of sales process also helps create a bridge between the sales team and the company leadership enabling them to collaborate effectively to develop solutions to problems.