What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization – What Does it Mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a particular website or an internet page from various search engines via natural or unpaid search traffic. The popularity of SEO has grown tremendously because many websites are getting increased hits and visits due to varied factors such as changing keywords, keyword phrases, page titles, meta tags, image tags and headers and footers. SEO aims at increasing the quantity and quality of web site traffic without paying any money. It can be done in a number of ways including off-site SEO techniques, on-site SEO techniques and through social media techniques. Natural SEO refers to organic search results and includes no pay-per-click advertising.


Keyword is a word or term with specific meaning that search engines add to the search results. If your website is designed for a search, you need to put more keywords and keyword phrases that are related to your business field. For instance, if you run a furniture store and are into online selling, you should put more keywords and keyword phrases that are related to furniture, wood and so on. You must also have to make sure that your content is interesting and is optimized for highly searched keywords.

On-site SEO technique helps in optimizing the content of your website. This content consists of text, images, graphics and videos. These are the most important parts of a website. It means that content should be made readable, clear and informative. Search engines give preference to well-optimized content and less towards unproductive content that includes non-sense, irrelevant tags, poor content structure, flash objects and so on. In order to optimize on-site SEO you need to hire a professional SEO company.

On-site SEO is not the only way to get great ranking in search engines. Meta tags, keywords and titles also matter. Keywords are the phrases which are entered to search engines to find the site. These words are important as these give more information about the page and the website. When there are more keywords, more information is contained in the meta tag and this gives better visibility in search engine.

On-site search engine optimization cannot work alone. It needs the help of the other techniques of SEO to improve your rankings in search engine results. It is important to include keywords in URL, titles and anchor texts of your web pages. You can also put the keywords in the titles and headers of your website. These techniques will help you achieve better rankings in search engines and will be beneficial for your business.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of effort and time to achieve good rankings in search results. However, if you are willing to invest your time and efforts, you can achieve top rankings in search engine results. You can hire a professional SEO company for SEO services to take care of your website and to improve your online presence and business.