Net Sales Referral – The Importance of Both Sides of the Seller-Buyer Relationship


Net Sales Referral – The Importance of Both Sides of the Seller-Buyer Relationship

Sales are basically activities concerned with the quantity of products sold within a given planned period of time or sales. The sale of a particular service for a certain fixed price is also commonly considered a sale as well. These days, sales have become one of the most significant parts of business. It is important for all companies to determine their sales and marketing mix so that they will be able to maximize their profit and sales. This is one of the main reasons why sales executives are highly educated individuals who are expected to know all the necessary tactics on how to optimize sales.

Sales and marketing are basically two business functions that should not be neglected. Both these two functions should be taken seriously because they are responsible for the development of sales and customer relations. Without these two business functions, there would be no reason for a company to develop and expand. In addition, without sales and marketing, a company will not be able to stay afloat in the highly competitive market. The two business functions work together side by side, and it is very important for each function to utilize the other.

As what have been mentioned, both sales and marketing are two business functions that should be employed and prioritized. However, although sales are often the more visible of the two business functions, this does not mean that it should be the first thing that should be done. There are many instances wherein sales and marketing have been sacrificed because of poor decision-making. For example, some salespeople think that giving out free samples or flyers to potential customers will automatically increase their sales and client database. However, this move has actually driven away many prospective clients because these people were already sold by other salesmen.

Another example of bad sales and marketing decision-making is when salespeople do not emphasize the value of prospecting and contacting other potential clients. The most common mistake in this regard is when salespeople force their customers to go through an intense sales process and sales presentation before being granted a sales opportunity. This will definitely drive away customers because they would rather take the time to explore their options before making any decisions. This is why there is no room for salespeople to make a lot of sales or even to sell anything. As what have been mentioned earlier, both sales and marketing are two business functions that should be utilized together.

To conclude, both sales and marketing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the former is often used to complement the latter. As such, there is a great deal of success that can be achieved through the use of both sales and marketing techniques. To get higher net sales refer, it is best to develop a good mix between the two.

All in all, it can be said that both selling and marketing are important in making more net sales refer. The main difference lies on how each term is used. On one hand, selling involves a direct contact with the buyer whereas on the other hand, marketing is more indirect and involves an indirect approach to persuade the buyer to make a purchase decision. With this in mind, there are more chances of net sales referring to the sales of companies and products.