Principles and Practices of Marketing

In today’s world, marketing has become an essential part of any successful business. Marketing is essentially the process of deliberately stimulating increased demand for and sales of products and services; including choice of a specific target market; selection of some attributes or themes to be communicated; and the manner in which marketing is to be carried out. Marketing is a broad area of activity involving various financial processes including advertising and promotional activities, strategic marketing planning, research and development, sales promotion, and product pricing or promotion. This involves the practice of conveying a message either by communicating with the general public directly or by the means of various media such as print, broadcast, and internet.


The term marketing is a relatively new term having first been in use in the German trade magazine Der Spiegel in 1995. It was then referred to as “artechnikament”, which meant “to set the pattern.” In Germany, the phrase became known as “presidentially marketing”. The Brandenburger (Brands, president) is a term commonly used in Germany referring to the president of a company. The Brandenburger refers to the marketing president.

Marketing is the science of promoting the sale of goods, which includes the study of consumer behavior, the analysis of market competition, the creation of marketing materials and promotions, and the implementation of public relations and advertising strategies to achieve these goals. Marketer is a person who engages in the selling of products, services, and ideas. Marketing is a branch of advertising. Marketing is also called the science of the promotion of services or the study of customers or consumers. The Brand has been identified as the most important aspect of marketing, and marketing is divided into two main branches: Brand Management and Director Marketing.

Brand management is a process by which the creator of a brand communicates its characteristics and aspirations to the rest of the market. Brand management also includes creating a vision, a logo, marketing strategy, marketing tools, business plans, marketing execution, and measurement of results. On the other hand, marketing is a process in which one advertises or promotes a product or a service by communicating with the market. Marketing is a process by which one obtains measurable results. These are tangible, quantifiable results that can be objectively determined.

The Brand image is one of the most important aspects of marketing. This image is created by a company through the consistent execution of the business objectives. This image is a representation of the company’s values, beliefs, and credibility. One can create a brand image through the promotion of business objectives, such as product development, advertising, and marketing. Marketing includes the use of communication media, such as print, electronic, and social media.

The principle goal of marketing is to create a profitable growth in the sales of the products or services of a business. It also provides for the improvement of the quality of services and products. Marketing has the ability to bring new people into a company’s sales system. It is therefore important to develop and implement a marketing strategy and the development of a brand. The marketing director of a company needs to work closely with the owner and CEO in order to effectively manage the company’s marketing activities. Marketing is one of the most important components of a successful business; therefore, it should be incorporated into the company’s business plan.