Marketing is the promotion of products and services through a network of contacts, including selection of an appropriate target market; generation of certain characteristics or themes to be advertised; and the communication of those characteristics or themes to a substantial number of potential buyers. Marketing is usually done by advertisers and organizations such as associations or trade bodies. It is also sometimes carried out by customers themselves for products and services they perceive to have quality but do not have the label’sponsored by’ on them. A well-planned marketing strategy is capable of satisfying a wide range of potential customers.

To understand marketing in a broader sense, we need to lay some ground rules. For a start, marketing research is conducted to gain an understanding of the buying behavior of large groups of consumers. By so doing, marketers can determine the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. The broad definitions of marketing include the following: Branding, which seeks to create a positive image of the product or service; Direct marketing, which targets a single customer directly; and Affiliates, who promote a company by word of mouth. Defined by these basic marketing concepts, the field of marketing becomes much more complex.

There are different objectives associated with marketing. These objectives are divided into three categories: the identification of targeted markets, the promotion of the product or service, and the measurement of results. The definition of targeted markets refers to the segment of consumers to whom the marketing efforts will be directed. Different marketing strategies will be geared at meeting the objectives associated with each of these three categories. A marketing plan will therefore contain defined objectives to achieve the purpose of marketing.

Marketing research is conducted to obtain the understanding of consumer attitudes towards specific products or services, so as to evaluate the success of marketing programs. This evaluation is usually done by asking consumers to complete questionnaires. Market research is one of the chief objectives of marketing because it enables marketers to design programs that are likely to yield the best results. As defined by Wikipedia, marketing is “the practice of promoting and selling goods and services to make a profit; in business, marketing is the process through which companies attract and retain customers.”

Another objective of marketing is the promotion of the business objectives. The promotion of business objectives can take many forms. For example, a marketing analyst may find out through a marketing research that television advertisements are having a negative impact on the sales of a particular product or service. In this case, the marketing analyst will determine how to improve the advertisement, so that it does not negatively affect the sales of the product or service. In addition to the business objectives of marketing, the president of the company has to set marketing goals, to ensure that the company is on the correct path to achieving its goals.

Brand marketing is a crucial element of marketing. The marketing of a brand is an effort to build a positive perception of the brand among potential customers. For example, a car manufacturer would not be advised to market their product as a “reliable” car if it did not meet the minimum quality standards necessary for a reliable car. Brand marketing is dependent upon the business goals of the brand owner. As the brand owner develops the marketing strategy, it is important that the strategy be consistent with the business goals that the brand wishes to achieve.