Sales Training – Call Center

Sales are basically activities related to the quantity of products sold over a certain targeted period of time or a particular day. The sale of a product to someone else is also considered to be a sale. For instance, when a customer buys some food from your grocery store, the sale is a sales transaction. Similarly, when a visitor visits your website, that too constitutes sales. This article is all about the sales concepts and will provide you with the basic knowledge required to enhance your sales skills and improve your profit margins.


Sales in the business world are generally classified into two categories, direct sales and indirect sales. Direct sales relate to purchases or transactions made directly by the seller to the end user or prospective customers. Indirect sales are made by the seller to the prospects or existing customers. You can have both types of sales in your business and depending upon your business needs, you can adopt one or the other option. Let’s discuss the two types of sales in more detail.

Direct sales come as an outcome of a direct communication between the seller and the prospect. This type of sales is generally conducted through face-to-face or by phone. As the name indicates, the selling process takes place between the seller and the prospective buyer. A salesperson can use various selling techniques to encourage a sale and encourage people to buy from them. Some of the common selling techniques used by salespeople include, offering a free product, free newsletter, free trial, giving discounts, free samples, etc.

An indirect sales process takes place through the involvement of a third party. This person may be an outside salesperson who acts as a representative of the seller. This type of sales requires an investment from the seller and is typically managed by a sales support function. Sales support functions include finance, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology etc.

The sales process can also take place on the telephone using an outbound call center. In this case, the salesperson speaks with the client to make sales; the client talks back to the salesperson and so on. The process is typically aided by technical support function. The technical support function will help the sales representative to answer questions about the product or service, as well as to ensure that the client has all the required details for the sales.

Outbound calling is a type of telephone sales technique that involves a salesperson calling a targeted list of prospects to sell a product or service. The calls are made either by using pre-recorded scripts, or by having the sales representative speak to each prospect on his/her own. Outbound calling is ideal for firms where the only purpose of making contact with the prospects is to close sales. It is a good sales strategy for firms who have a sales pipeline and for companies looking to hire sales professionals. For more information on using an outbound call center for sales support, click here.