The Importance of Sales Copy in a Home Based Business

Sales are non-business related activities associated with the exchange of products or services for a particular discounted price. A sale is generally considered to be a sale when a seller has received payment for the products or the provision of a service from a customer. The delivery of a promised service as a free or discounted gift is also regarded a sale.


Selling involves the process of promoting a product to a potential customer. This promotion can be done in many ways such as direct advertising, media publicity, selling through trade shows and presentations and selling via the Internet. The role of sales professionals in marketing is to assist in the achievement of sales by developing a profitable revenue stream that will eventually produce a profit for the business.

Marketing sales involves creating a suitable selling atmosphere by building an awareness, understanding the customer’s mindset and attaining a positive and winning sales vibe. Sales persons deal with both the customer and the supplier/clerk/person who has sold the product or service. The importance of marketing sales is evident when there are quality issues such as poor quality paper or bad quality ink cartridges or when the products do not reach the consumer/customer. Good salespersons will make sure these problems are sorted out before the customer is sold the item and that they are addressed before the transaction closes.

It has been found that sales people tend to use sales copy that is highly scripted. They are unable to develop their own sales copy that appeals to the reader. This script sales message usually contains a standard format for selling the product or service. For example, it may begin with a positive statement such as “Please help improve the performance of our systems” and end with “We wish to thank you for your participation in our customer satisfaction survey”. Following this standard format, various other positive statements may follow such as “We look forward to working with you to develop an improved sales experience for our customers”. However, the sales script should include the specific actions the company requires its sales personnel to take and the time frame for achieving the desired results.

A template message such as this works well for a general level of sales staff that are responsible for the day to day running of the company and the management level. However, it is not enough to get potential customers interested in the products/services. In order to attract the best sales possible, it needs to be coupled with actions. The sales person needs to convince the buyer of the need that is evident from the information provided in the sales copy. If the potential customers see the clear benefits, it is likely that they will be more than willing to follow through with a purchase.

Some salespeople use the “cold calling” sales technique where the salesperson meets the potential customer at the place of business or in some other secluded area of the business. In this manner, there is no visual communication that can be identified as an indicator of the salesperson’s success. Cold calling in the sales process is ineffective because it creates an atmosphere of mistrust and lack of confidence. This may discourage a salesperson from contacting other potential customers. If the goal of the salesperson is to close a sale, it is important that there be visual cues of the closeness of the sale and the potential buyer’s agreement to do business with the salesperson.