President Obama Knows That Marketing Is An Important Element Of Business


President Obama Knows That Marketing Is An Important Element Of Business

Marketing is the art of deliberately inducing demand for purchases of particular goods and services; possibly including choice of a specific target audience; identification of certain characteristics or traits to be advertised; preparation of appropriate visual or verbal communication; and the production of sufficient numbers of tangible items to constitute a sale. Marketing is also the science of understanding customer behavior and motivation to buy by identifying patterns of behavior that can be controlled or influenced. The distribution of printed materials, for example, is an important form of marketing because it establishes the relationship between the marketer and the consumer. The distribution also sets up the framework for advertising and selling. Marketing is also used in sales promotion. Sales promotion chiefly includes the design and development of advertising and marketing materials; development of sales campaigns; and analysis of results of marketing campaigns.

In business, marketing is also applied in product development, in determining the relative merits of promising new products against existing ones and in providing consumers with additional choices. Marketing involves the process by which organizations promote their products and obtain acceptance for them by the consuming public. Marketing also involves the evaluation of the success of marketing activities. Marketers conduct market research to determine the effects of changes in price, frequency of sale, type of sale, channel of sale and other variables on sales.

Definition of Marketing The Marketing definition continues to evolve over time. Current business objectives may drive marketing decisions, for example, objectives to increase sales, achieve financial success, enhance the quality of management, reduce product dependence, retain existing customers, expand market reach, etc. ; whereas past objectives such as “that the product or service should be available to the maximum number of people” have relatively less definition, and marketing has become more flexible since objectives change with time.

Research in marketing has established that marketing is a process that involves a balance of communication, direct and indirect, with significant involvement of psychology, emotions and feelings. Marketing research shows that marketing tends to affect people before they make buying decisions. For example, some marketers might find out that women, after hearing about an inexpensive wrinkle cream, will purchase a product if it fits into their budget. This information helps the marketer to determine marketing messages that are more likely to influence buying decisions. Marketing research indicates that marketers need to be sensitive to the attitudes, feelings and preferences of consumers if they want to succeed.

Marketing Research President Obama has made marketing one of his main business goals since he came into office. In his first budget proposal the President called for a marketing Research Study to ascertain how market segments were developing and using marketing effectively. To ensure a successful marketing plan, the President called for the establishment of a brand marketing headquarters, to be located in the US. Since then, the business objectives of the Marketing Research Office of the President have evolved. Today, the Marketing Research Office continues to evaluate strategies and products that would help to realize the business goals of the President.

Marketing is a very important element of business; without marketing, consumers would not be aware of the products and services available to them. Marketers use different advertising methods to communicate with consumers, including traditional advertising such as television, radio, magazine advertisements, billboards, the World Wide Web and other print and electronic media. In addition to marketing through the above media, marketers also use social marketing, consumer research and surveys to obtain information on the public’s attitudes towards their products and services. By gathering this data, marketers can develop effective marketing campaigns that will help to increase sales and profits. Marketing is an essential part of any business’s success and by carefully analyzing all aspects of the product development, marketers are able to provide consumers with the goods and/or services that they want and that will enhance the profitability of the company.

Search Engine Optimization – How to Succeed Online


Search Engine Optimization – How to Succeed Online

What is Search Engine Optimization? Definition: SEO stands for search Engine optimization. What this is essentially is the art of scoring high on a major search engine, also called the organic listings, and ranked high in the paid section, which is the sponsored listings. SEO is simply the act of optimizing your web content so a search engine wants to display it as a high result for particular keywords.

If you are new to Internet Marketing, you may not know much about SEO. It is a way to position yourself on the search engines so when people do an online search, you show up high on the list of results. When someone does a search using your keywords, the search engines take note of it and place you in the appropriate section of the search results. If someone does a search using your specific brand or company name, they also will be placed in the appropriate section based upon your SEO campaign. So if your business has a good reputation with respect to serving good coffee, you could place yourself in the sponsored listings section and gain some advertising revenue for the business if your SEO efforts are able to drive enough visitors to your website. Now if someone does a search using “coffee”, they would type in “coffee shop” or “specialty coffee shop”.

If you want your website to be ranked high in the search engines, you need to optimize your pages so these specific keywords can be found when people search for them. You can use SEO in several different ways, but most SEO efforts are centered around keyword placement. Keyword placement in a content or HTML page will influence the rankings of the page within the search engines. The more precise keywords you have in your content, the higher the page will rank.

Search engine optimization doesn’t only revolve around using keywords. It is also about using the right keywords and keyword phrases in your content and on your website as well. Using the right amount of keywords within your text will help you rank higher in the search engines for specific terms. This is known as keyword stuffing. If you do this to perfection, there is still a chance that you won’t see much improvement in your ranking, but it is worth the risk because you can generate plenty of traffic to your site without paying for advertising.

There are several other methods of search engine optimization and all are important. Keyword optimization and search engine optimization go hand in hand and must work together for your site to become highly ranked. You can spend a lot of time writing articles and blog posts to gain visibility for your business. Other SEO techniques include pay per click advertising, website banner ads, article marketing, and search marketing. All of these techniques are used in order to increase traffic and increase overall sales.

Another SEO technique that can prove useful to your company is online marketing. You can use a variety of online marketing tactics to not only improve your ranking in search results, but also get more customers. You may be able to improve your visibility within the search engines by submitting your website to all the major search engines as well as submitting your website to various directories. By doing this, you will be able to reach more potential customers.

Marketing Versus Sales


Marketing Versus Sales

In basic business terms, sales refer to any exchanges where value or money is exchange for the possession of an asset or right to something. In an economic accounting context, sales actually refers to the revenue made out of the sale of goods or services (commercial sales). The term “sales” can also be used in the context of government sales. The government can engage in regular sales to fund its programs and activities, such as buying supplies from the army at the defense department or buying vehicles from the marines for the navy. It can also issue national security stamps for the administration of the country.

The essence of sales involves cash-flow generation through customer purchases or payments. An invoicing software package that can handle this aspect of sales enables the smooth management of sales and cash flow. However, with the number of choices in the market today, the extent of sales involve can vary. For example, sales to the supplier involve cash-flow generation right at the time when the order is placed; however, as soon as the order is placed and payment is made, sales are completed.

Another aspect that can vary between sales and other business relationships is the time element. In sales, a sale typically involves a buyer purchasing from a seller and then paying the seller for the goods. In business relationships, this time element can be modified. In some cases, the time element can relate to providing technical support functions to the client prior to the goods are sold.

In addition to sales support functions, a salesperson may also take up a role as an accounts receivable collections officer. This can be defined as the salesperson who is entrusted with the responsibility of collecting outstanding invoices from clients and selling them to collections agencies for a profit. Salespeople can also take on a broader role as account representatives. In this role, a salesperson will be responsible for generating new business proposals and keeping existing clients informed of any progress that has been made with new orders.

The selling process includes both the product marketing and the sales part. The product marketing functions involve making sales and finding new customers. At the same time, the sales team works on developing a presentation that will entice the prospect into buying the goods or services being offered. As a result, there is a meeting of the minds, a collaboration of the salespeople, the business owner, and the prospects. All transactions are consummated in the context of the selling environment.

One final example relates to the marketing function. In this setting, there are two business functions, the marketing and the sales functions. Within the marketing function, the salespeople work on closing the sale while the marketing people create and maintain the lead generation database. The goal is to attract customers through marketing while they are actively looking for products or services to buy. Thus, both marketing and sales are related to each other and are related to how companies use their limited marketing budget.

Marketing and Advertising: Where is the Marketing Research?

Marketing is basically the act of deliberately stimulating demand for products and services; possibly including precise target of a specific market, selection of a target consumer group; allocation of certain characteristics or traits to an identity or persona; and finally, the attraction of others to the identity. Marketing is an art, and an important part of business practice. There are five marketing principles, which are instrumental in making marketing successful. These are: Identification based marketing is all about matching a specific product with a specifically identified consumer group. Demand-based marketing revolves around creating a general impression of the marketability of a product by including it in the market mix.


Research-based marketing definitions describe marketing activities that go beyond the defining of the marketplace and analyzing audience response. Marketers test the assumptions and validity of ideas presented to them and test customers’ reactions before presenting their ideas to the general audience. Content-based marketing is all about providing information to the audience. Advertising is all about getting the customer to notice you. The balance between these three factors, called marketing triangle, generates the significant part of marketing success.

Marketing success is frequently measured by the amount of product sales, but in fact, marketing success is measured by the health of the marketing system itself, not by the volume of sales. A marketing effectiveness study measures marketing performance as a whole, focusing on the relationships among audience, advertisers, and marketers. A marketing effectiveness study includes a survey of the audience and an active participation by the advertisers in the development of the intended marketing message, including both direct and implied messages.

Successful marketing campaigns must address both the immediate and future needs of the target audience. Marketers must identify the needs of the target audience in their context, as well as the ways in which they can be addressed. This requires market research. Market research provides a rich source of data that can help marketers understand consumer needs and motivations. The value of market research in marketing campaigns cannot be underestimated.

The marketing managers responsible for product development should also pay close attention to market research. The marketing manager should use the results of market research to determine which advertising media are more likely to attract the target market, which types of media will produce the most impact, which demographic groups will be the most responsive to advertising, and so forth. In addition, a marketing manager who is responsible for product development should pay close attention to the results of market research. The marketing manager can use the results of this research to refine his or her advertising strategies. For example, if a marketing manager finds that a particular media is not as effective as planned, the manager might try a different media, or start an advertising campaign using less effective methods.

Market research provides an invaluable service to the product development team. Without market research, product development teams may miss opportunities to connect with target consumers and build a strong customer base. Without market research, product development teams may invest too much time and effort in activities that may not prove to be effective. In short, without market research, marketing and advertising efforts may be ineffective. Marketing and advertising managers who ignore market research may risk missing out on an excellent marketing and advertising source.

SEO Consultants: Benefits of SEO Consultants For Your Business

Search engine optimization is basically the procedure of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a site or a particular web page by search engines. The word ‘SEO’ has multiple meanings in different contexts. Many a times, people and marketers mix up the meaning of the term. Therefore, we try to understand SEO in simple terms.


Search Engine Optimization aims at improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. In other words, SEO aims at driving more targeted traffic to your site, leading to better conversion and sales. SEO targets free traffic and not paid traffic or direct traffic. So, SEO helps improve your rankings in the Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.

If you are new to this, it is better to go for search engine optimization services provided by professionals. They will do all the optimization that is required from you. There are various online SEO companies that provide SEO consulting services at affordable prices. These companies have expert and experienced personnel who know how to make your website optimized and what to avoid. Some of these companies offer to optimize your site for a certain amount of fee.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best methods of promoting a business online. With SEO, your website can get more visitors by positioning yourself in top positions on the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google etc. Search Engine Optimization can increase traffic volume by ranking high in the natural or organic listings of the major search engines. By increasing traffic, it will be easy for your website to convert visitors into buyers. Hence, SEO is very essential for getting better return on investment (ROI) for your business.

One of the major tools used for search engine optimization (SEO) is content. The content consists of various keywords that are relevant to the business and website. It is very important to ensure that the keywords are placed strategically within the content. Keywords are the most important thing for the success of any SEO campaign. Content should be written according to the keyword density so that the web pages become well optimized and easily readable.

The importance of keywords is emphasized further when you include meta tags with every page of the website. Meta tags give an idea about the theme of the website. This helps in the search engine optimization because search engines give more preference to those sites which have proper SEO strategies. The key phrases should be used in the title of the article as well as in the heading. The keywords should also be present in the body of the article.

Sales Training – Call Center

Sales are basically activities related to the quantity of products sold over a certain targeted period of time or a particular day. The sale of a product to someone else is also considered to be a sale. For instance, when a customer buys some food from your grocery store, the sale is a sales transaction. Similarly, when a visitor visits your website, that too constitutes sales. This article is all about the sales concepts and will provide you with the basic knowledge required to enhance your sales skills and improve your profit margins.


Sales in the business world are generally classified into two categories, direct sales and indirect sales. Direct sales relate to purchases or transactions made directly by the seller to the end user or prospective customers. Indirect sales are made by the seller to the prospects or existing customers. You can have both types of sales in your business and depending upon your business needs, you can adopt one or the other option. Let’s discuss the two types of sales in more detail.

Direct sales come as an outcome of a direct communication between the seller and the prospect. This type of sales is generally conducted through face-to-face or by phone. As the name indicates, the selling process takes place between the seller and the prospective buyer. A salesperson can use various selling techniques to encourage a sale and encourage people to buy from them. Some of the common selling techniques used by salespeople include, offering a free product, free newsletter, free trial, giving discounts, free samples, etc.

An indirect sales process takes place through the involvement of a third party. This person may be an outside salesperson who acts as a representative of the seller. This type of sales requires an investment from the seller and is typically managed by a sales support function. Sales support functions include finance, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology etc.

The sales process can also take place on the telephone using an outbound call center. In this case, the salesperson speaks with the client to make sales; the client talks back to the salesperson and so on. The process is typically aided by technical support function. The technical support function will help the sales representative to answer questions about the product or service, as well as to ensure that the client has all the required details for the sales.

Outbound calling is a type of telephone sales technique that involves a salesperson calling a targeted list of prospects to sell a product or service. The calls are made either by using pre-recorded scripts, or by having the sales representative speak to each prospect on his/her own. Outbound calling is ideal for firms where the only purpose of making contact with the prospects is to close sales. It is a good sales strategy for firms who have a sales pipeline and for companies looking to hire sales professionals. For more information on using an outbound call center for sales support, click here.




Marketing is the promotion of products and services through a network of contacts, including selection of an appropriate target market; generation of certain characteristics or themes to be advertised; and the communication of those characteristics or themes to a substantial number of potential buyers. Marketing is usually done by advertisers and organizations such as associations or trade bodies. It is also sometimes carried out by customers themselves for products and services they perceive to have quality but do not have the label’sponsored by’ on them. A well-planned marketing strategy is capable of satisfying a wide range of potential customers.

To understand marketing in a broader sense, we need to lay some ground rules. For a start, marketing research is conducted to gain an understanding of the buying behavior of large groups of consumers. By so doing, marketers can determine the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. The broad definitions of marketing include the following: Branding, which seeks to create a positive image of the product or service; Direct marketing, which targets a single customer directly; and Affiliates, who promote a company by word of mouth. Defined by these basic marketing concepts, the field of marketing becomes much more complex.

There are different objectives associated with marketing. These objectives are divided into three categories: the identification of targeted markets, the promotion of the product or service, and the measurement of results. The definition of targeted markets refers to the segment of consumers to whom the marketing efforts will be directed. Different marketing strategies will be geared at meeting the objectives associated with each of these three categories. A marketing plan will therefore contain defined objectives to achieve the purpose of marketing.

Marketing research is conducted to obtain the understanding of consumer attitudes towards specific products or services, so as to evaluate the success of marketing programs. This evaluation is usually done by asking consumers to complete questionnaires. Market research is one of the chief objectives of marketing because it enables marketers to design programs that are likely to yield the best results. As defined by Wikipedia, marketing is “the practice of promoting and selling goods and services to make a profit; in business, marketing is the process through which companies attract and retain customers.”

Another objective of marketing is the promotion of the business objectives. The promotion of business objectives can take many forms. For example, a marketing analyst may find out through a marketing research that television advertisements are having a negative impact on the sales of a particular product or service. In this case, the marketing analyst will determine how to improve the advertisement, so that it does not negatively affect the sales of the product or service. In addition to the business objectives of marketing, the president of the company has to set marketing goals, to ensure that the company is on the correct path to achieving its goals.

Brand marketing is a crucial element of marketing. The marketing of a brand is an effort to build a positive perception of the brand among potential customers. For example, a car manufacturer would not be advised to market their product as a “reliable” car if it did not meet the minimum quality standards necessary for a reliable car. Brand marketing is dependent upon the business goals of the brand owner. As the brand owner develops the marketing strategy, it is important that the strategy be consistent with the business goals that the brand wishes to achieve.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of improving the volume and quality of site visitors to a particular site or a specific web page by search engines. SEO aims at maximizing the visibility of the sites and pages on search results pages. It is one of the effective techniques for online marketing as it enables your site to climb to the top of search engine rankings quickly and easily. SEO targets free and paid traffic and not direct traffic. The two main methods of SEO are off-page optimization and on-page optimization.


On-page optimization deals with such issues as keyword research, building link popularity, social bookmarking, article marketing, directory submission and other related activities. This type of optimization makes sure that the content on your site is unique, informative, relevant and up-to-date. This ensures that your site’s ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) will be improved.

On-page optimization should take into account the major search terms and common web pitfalls. On-page SEO includes the title and meta description of each page. A SEO analyst should make the necessary amendments to the page content in order to improve the SERPs for a particular site. In addition to this, there are some specific rules that must be followed for each search result page. These rules include the placement of meta tags, the description of each page and title and keyword tags.

Off-page optimization deals with the structure and contents of the web pages. In general, a site is built around its keywords and key phrases. Keywords and key phrases are used by web spiders to index pages and determine the relevance of the site to the queries. These tags or keywords can be built into the URL or they can be part of the title tag or other meta description elements. These tags and meta description elements must be respected by the various search engines and directories.

In order to obtain good ranking, each SEO technique must be performed competently. Each SEO technique has an effect on the SERPs and each of them has a corresponding effect on the website’s ranking. The more effective the SEO techniques are, the more their results will be reflected in the SERPs.

It is important for every company to perform SEO in line with its objectives and the size and nature of the business. There are many different ways to do SEO, and many companies have become successful by choosing the right SEO method. When choosing an SEO provider, it is important to ask whether the provider provides services according to the client’s needs. Choosing the wrong SEO provider can have a serious impact on the online visibility of the website. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right SEO company and follow the appropriate procedures and techniques.

The Basics of Double Entry Bookkeeping


The Basics of Double Entry Bookkeeping

Sales are basically activities pertaining to the volume of products sold within a specific targeted time frame. A sale is also termed as a transaction. It is a transaction in which an exchange of one thing for another thing has been made. The products sold may be physical products or services such as computer software, office supplies, and the like. The term sales person therefore refers to any person who sells something and is paid for the same.

Net sales also referred to as gross sales include those sales not involving sales. These include net sales from the services rendered by the firm and from the firm’s products sold. Net sales do not include the gross value of sales since they do not relate to the value of goods sold. Hence, net sales does not include the gross value of sales. This means that the firm’s net profit is not the same as its gross profit.

The gross sales and net sales refer to the total revenue gained by the firm during a particular year. They are not to be compared because their values may differ depending on circumstances. While a firm earns profits, the gross sales and net sales refer to that revenue being generated at the end of a particular year by the firm. The gross sales includes the value of goods sold while a firm maintains inventories while the net sales relate to the value of inventories. There is another common practice in double-entry bookkeeping where the gross sales and net sales are compared to determine the net profit at the end of a year.

The difference between the gross sales and net sales in the income statement then refers to net profit earned by the company. The income statement shows how much revenue was generated during the year. The balance sheet then reports the financial transactions resulting in the net sales and expenses. Double-entry bookkeeping uses these records to record the income statement, balance sheet, and net profit and to determine the viability of the company as a going concern. Many companies which do not comply with the double-entry bookkeeping practices eventually collapse as the method of recording transactions makes them appear too immaterial for their shareholders.

Marketing groups consist of the selling force, the advertising sales force, and the public relations department. All these groups are necessary for the success of any firm. Sales people, accountants, marketing managers, and consultants are part of the sales force. The selling force consists of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retail store owners. The selling force also includes bank tellers and customer service representatives.

Advertising and marketing are necessary for sales. The marketing managers plan the sale of the products according to the budget. Consultants make sure that the sale of the products like the services, goods, and technology meet the requirements of the consumers. The consultant also plans the distribution system according to the capacity to sell.

Factors That Affect The Success Of A Marketing Mix


Factors That Affect The Success Of A Marketing Mix

Marketing is an important part of any business. It has the ability to either create demand for a product or service, or the opposite – making people not want to have it. Marketing is basically the art of consciously stimulating demand for products and/or services; possibly including variety of a targeted market; determination of certain characteristics or themes of products and services to promote; and methods and tools for managing and monitoring marketing campaigns. Marketing therefore is one of the key ingredients of any business and has become even more important in today’s global marketplace where new businesses are sprouting up every day.

The marketing mix of any business will largely depend on the purpose and nature of the business. In the context of SME’s (small and medium enterprise), the marketing mix will be different as compared to a large organization. Smaller organizations need a more personalized approach while large companies tend to adapt to general marketing principles. There are 4Ps that are crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. These include quality, uniqueness, perceived value and immediate benefits. If any of these four topics is lacking in your marketing mix, chances are, your marketing efforts will fail.

Quality is very important when it comes to marketing strategy. When a marketer is creating a marketing strategy, he should first build a target audience list. A target audience list gives an insight into the needs of the target market. The next step would be to identify the specific needs of the target audience, analyze the existing market landscape and determine the best marketing strategy that will bring about the most benefit to the company. An effective marketing strategy is one that is tailored to the specific needs of the company; one that takes into account the factors such as target audience, competition and other relevant factors.

Unique selling propositions or selling tactics form another important component of a marketing mix. Marketers should seek to understand the culture, motivation and other aspects of the target audience. These factors can help marketers come up with unique selling propositions or selling tactics that will appeal to the target audience. Understanding the target audience and its preferences can help marketers come up with marketing strategies that will be more appealing to the customers.

Another way of building a marketing mix for a small business is through effective strategies of automation. Some marketing tools are capable of conducting various activities such as tracking customer behavior and measure conversions. Marketers can also use social media tactics to reach out to potential customers. These social media tactics are most often incorporated in marketing campaigns that are conducted online.

A comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect the success of any marketing mix is necessary for marketers. A marketing strategy that is effective has a higher chance of conversion than one that is not. Marketers should also be familiar with the changes in advertising rules that are implemented periodically. They should know the different types of advertisements that are being employed in the market today. With these facts in mind, they will be able to come up with marketing strategy that will be most effective.