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Rudeboy Proves Yet Again Why He Is A Better Artiste Than His Brother, Mr. P – “Audio Money” Review

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Rudeboy – Audio Money mp3

Rudeboy since the end of P-square has proven to be the musical genius that made everything that had to do with the music work in the group when it was functioning. Since he separated from his brother Mr. P, Rudeboy has been maintaining a level of consistency with his music releases.

His been performing really well with his own songs which has brought his way some collaborations with other African artistes in which he also showed his well respected musical ability.

Despite being one of the oldest artistes of this generation, Rudeboy is still very much present and striving in the industry, getting his talents appreciated and proving to everyone that his comment about him being the music brain in P-square when it was still existing is not fluke.

After the non-existence of P-square, Rudeboy has released some really good music. The likes of “Chizoba,” “Reality,” “Together” featuring Patoranking and “Reason With Me” are all huge songs which made Nigerian music fans open very wide their arms to him.

Rudeboy is an artiste that is versatile, he could do R&B music with ease, he is very comfortable with Dance-hall, he makes Reggae look very easy and he’s overtime proven himself to never be limited by trending genre of music in the Afrobeat league, something he’s been a trademark of even when P-square was still living.

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The “Reason With Me” singer just recently dropped a new jam, “Audio Money which as usual has been getting positive reviews from music followers who have listened to it.

However, as someone who doesn’t judge a song from first listening or after giving it a sparse attention, i had to take my time to critically listen to it, compare it with some of his past songs in terms of production, lyrics, delivery and every other considerable factor. And after doing all these, i came to terms that Rudeboy is truly a gifted music artiste.

“Audio Money” is a song that has been directed by Rudeboy to teach everyone a lot of lessons about the ‘fake things’ in life that are not worth to bother some people that bother them. The song could help to liberate people who are depressed at seeing other people ‘do well’ in life while they are not, it teaches us to debunk flaunting the wealth that we don’t have, it teaches us to be real and work hard.

In general, Rudeboy is trying to teach us not to make other people’s lives the standard to which we live ours. He is aiding the creed, “Not all that glitter is gold” and hopes that we seriously key into it to shape our lives.

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Rudeboy seems to now trust famous social media producer, Lord Skyy after “Reason With Me” which he produced became a hit song. He sought his service on this song and just like he proved on “Reason With Me,” Lord Skyy delivers a very catchy beat that would capture your emotion even before the vocals come up. The beat serves as the perfect foundation that would solidify Rudeboy’s grip on the song in your hearts.

The song obviously from what has been written prior to this, has very brilliant lyrics. Lyrics that dwell on exactly what is obtainable in terms of the happenings in the lives of humans in the society.

The positive reviews and huge attention this song has already gotten is not as a result of trying to buy Rudeboy some sympathy or bias that he’s an “OG.” The song is a very good piece and it deserves all the accolades. Good work once again Rudy!

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